2015 Presentations

The presentations from the 2015 Nunavut Mining Symposium that have been authorized to be posted have been posted below.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Metal Prices, Currencies and Global Growth Outlook for 2015-16Patricia Mohr, Vice President, Economic and Commodity Marketing Specialist, the Scotiabank Group

Achieving the Potential, Company Overview and Meadowbank Mines, Jean Beliveau, General Manager, Nunavut, Agnico Eagle

Unearth the Potential at the Melidine Project, Alex Proulx, General Manager, Meliadine, Agnico Eagle

Unearth the Potential at the Amaruq Project, Denis Vaillancourt, Exploration Manager, Eastern Canada Agnico Eagle

Q1-4 Bulk Sampling Program, Qilalugaq Diamond Project, Ken Armstrong, President & CEO, North Arrow Minerals Inc.

New Bedrock Geology Maps for Meta Incognita Peninsula and Plans for Mapping the the Sylvia Grinnell Lake - Clearwater Fiord area, Baffin Island, Mark St. Onge, Geological Survey of Canada

New Insights on the Geology and Mineral Potential of the Underexplored Rae Province and its Margins, John Percival, Research Scientist, Geological Survey of Canada

Hope Bay Update, Alex Buchan, Director of Community Relations, TMAC Resources Inc. 

The Back River Project - A Gold Mine In the Making, Matthew Pickard, Vice President, Environment & Sustainability, Sabina Gold & Silver Corp.

Directors' & Officers Environmental Liability in the Mining Sector, Julie Aboucher, Partner, Willms & Shier Environmental Lawyers, LLP

Coordinating the Environmental Assessment Efforts, Matt Spence, Director General, CanNor

Mary River, Initial IIBA Implementation Efforts (English) Olayuk Akesuk, QIA Executive Committee Member, QIA (Inuktitut)

Northern Mineral Development: We All Need to Have Skin In the Game, Richard Cook, Senior Scientist, EA Specialist, Knight Piesold

Oil & Gas Summit Overview, Peter Croal, Facilitator/Consultant

Ensuring the Health & Safety of our Potentials, Yves Levesque, Assistant Superintendent, Health & Safety, Meadowbank, Agnico Eagle

Minecraft (and Gaming) for Education and Understanding of Mining in Nunavut, Ryan Oliver, Owner Pinnguaq

Linking Science & Community for Fisheries Productivity Offsetting in the Canadian Arctic, Cam Stevens, Project Biologist, Golder Associates Ltd. 

Developing the Potential of Agnico Eagle Mines Employees, Pujjuut Kusugak, Cooridinator Community Affairs & Patrick Roy, Training Manager, Nunavut Agnico Eagle

The Mining Company of the Future, Heidi Klein, Human Environment Consultant, Shared Value Solutions

Kivalliq Region and Kitikmeot Region Highlights from EDT's Nunavut Carving Stone Resource Evaluation Program, Mike Beauregaurd, EDT

A History of Inuit Stone Carving in Nunavut, Darlene Coward Wight, Curator of Inuit Art, Winnipeg Art Gallery

Carving Stone Panel, Panel of Six Quarriers

Sakku Investments Corporation - A Key Player in the Kivalliq Region, Patrick Tagoona, President & CEO, Sakku Investments

Community Economic Development Perspective: Cambridge Bay, Jamie Mahagak, EDO Hamlet of Cambridge Bay

Community Economic Development Perspective: Iqaluit, Joamie Eegeesiak, EDO City of Iqaluit

Incorporating Green Energy into Nunavut Business, Richard Weber, Arctic Haven Wilderness Lodge

A Cooperative Perspective, Kono Tattuinee, President, Arctic Co-Operatives

Update on Chamber Activities, Elizabeth Kingston, General Manager - Nunavut, NWT & Nu Chamber of Mines

Developing Resources for Organizations in Nunavut, Geoffrey Oliver, Partner, Lester Landau 

Starting and Operating an Inuit-owned Business in Nunavut, Cody Dean, President, Dean Utilities/Canadrill Arctic Perspective - Rankin Inlet

Small Lead Cooled Reactors for Power Production in Nunavut, Janne Wallenius, CEP LeadCold Reactors

Floating Nuclear Power Plants for Low Cost, Zero Emissions, Electricity and Heat for the Mining Industry, Peter Lang, President, Dunedin Energy Systems Ltd.

Flexible Infrastructure: How the Airlander 50 could Enable Remote Mine Operation, Andy Barton, Hybrid Air Vehicles

Long-term Renewable Energy Electricity Planning for Remote Communities, Mariano Arriaga, PhD Candidate, University of Waterloo 

Energy Efficiency and Renewable Sources in Mining Deployments, Mauricio Escalante Soberanis, PhD Candidate University of British Columbia

The Nunavut Permafrost Databank, Sarah Holzman, Climate Change Specialist, Government of Nunavut

State of Exploration in Canada - A National Perspective, Nadim Kara, Senior Program Director, PDAC

Surficial Geology Activities at the CNGO, Tommy Tremblay Research Scientist, CNGO

Industrial Limestone Resources on Southhampton Island, Shuxin Zhang, Research Scientist, CNGO

A Metallogenic Study of High Grade Iron Ore on North Baffin in the "Granulite Facies" Domain of the Central Borden Fault Zone, John Hey, Graduate Student, University of Western Ontario

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